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Presidential Planets

April 2017
Revisited March 2020

he Planets and Signs always have something to say about lives and events.
In the case of the latest President, there is a great deal that they can tell us.
Or maybe just remind us of what seems already quite obvious.

A halfway astute observer can gather much without horoscopes by
reading the news, sensing the moods of the populace,
or even putting a wet thumb to the wind.
We live in a time of Fake News becoming commonplace,
of the President speaking of “American carnage” in his inaugural address,
of the “nuclear option” being used for only the second time in United States Senate history.
These events are readily perceived in a horoscope drawn for the Trump’s Inauguration
and another done as a chart comparing Trump with the natal horoscope.

Mars Neptune Pluto

– some of the heavy hitters in the planetary realms –
deserve special consideration when looking
at what is passing in front of us already and
is sure to continue in the weeks and months ahead.

Remarks in italics were added in 2020.

Trump Inauguration Chart

Inauguration Chart

NEPTUNE is key here as it is the Sole Dispositor of the chart.

NEPTUNE has been in the sign of Pisces which it naturally rules since 2012.
[Extra Neptune punch comes as,
Pisces also is home for 3 other planets and the South Lunar Node in this chart.]
NEPTUNE will be very potent for several more years
and was even more so at the moment of Donald Trump’s inauguration dispositing
and overruling all other influences at the time.

A sole dispositor occurs when every planet in a single chart can be traced
back to a single planet via a chain of planetary rulers.
Determining an SD takes knowledge of rulers and is not immediately apparent in a chart.
It is akin to when the whole family collects in one place for a family photo –
and everyone there passes down from one parent in the lineage.

NEPTUNE has the potential for high-mindedness and psychic receptivity
acting as the higher octave of Venus.
But, it also governs all fluids including alcohol and oil.
NEPTUNE is said to rule the cinema, theater, television –
all kinds of modern illusion and glamour and deception.

No wonder we are inundated with Fake News in the present time.
Fake News will be front and center beyond the middle of the decade.
What more can we expect during a presidency governed in a large way by NEPTUNE?

PLUTO can be seen in the same chart within reach of the Midheaven
between the Sun and Mercury in the 9th house.
The said presidency is sure to have large PLUTO influences –
power and money, and “underworld” or unconscious currents.

The 11th House is almost full suggesting great ambition or aspiration.
Like Make America Great Again.

At the same time,
almost all luminaries in the chart are showing in the Southern [upper] Hemisphere
– [directions and hemispheres are reversed in astrology] –
which itself speaks of extroversion or action.
Little introspection, for sure.

Trump Natal Chart

Natal Chart of Donald Trump

Mr. Trump expresses the forces of PLUTO and MARS
from the very depths of his being
as they surround his [Ascendant] Rising Sign in Leo
– itself the sign of the King.

No wonder Trump acts like a king.

Mars Neptune Pluto

US-Trump Comparison Chart

Trump Chart Compared with USA

When President Trump’s chart is overlaid on the American horoscope,
we see MARS and PLUTO surrounding the Midheaven of the USA.
Again, there is little going on in the Northern [lower] hemisphere.
The Midheaven literally shows us “What's On Top” and
in the foreseeable future it will be MARS and PLUTO leading the way with
NEPTUNE making itself known in the background.

Thus we can expect Power and Action to reign
in a time of much Glamour, Illusion and Deception.
Hang on for the ride of a lifetime or lifetimes.
Hopefully, some of the positives of these Planets will show through.

PLUTO is also of most particular importance
 in the present US chronology because
that Planet is now within 7 years of returning to its natal position in 1776.
And what was going on them? Remember?
The first American Revolution.


We can't help recalling Donald Trump using the word Chaos
more than a few times in the course of his rule.
He says he thrives on Chaos,
while most of us require order and organization, schedules and the clock.

With Mars and Pluto surrounding his Ascendant and the country's Midheaven,
action and aggression, power plays and unconscious outbursts have poured forth
from the White House over the last three years – with more sure to come.

Mr. Trump has nothing directly to do with the USA
passing through its Pluto Return (a rare event occurring once every 248 years),
but he well suits the picture as the designated leader in the present tumultuous period.

Pluto's Grand Revolution of the solar system is surely effecting symbolic revolutions,
if not literal ones on our tiny Planet Earth – and especially America.
Watch for further posts to keep an astrological tab on the changes at hand.

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