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Signs of the Times: 2014, An XYZ Year



It is hard for me to say Happy New Year, because the signs say it may well be an XYZ Year.

X because it may be the time of a Great Crossing. It starts out - to be sure - as the Year of a Grand Cross.

Y because we are still in the orb of the Millennium transition - Y2K. That Great Passage is still occurring and its effects persist.

Z for Z______, a word which is becoming more and more common in the vocabulary, in the media, and as a tag for many events. Like a Z_____ Christmas.

I desisted from writing a note recently about having a Z_____ Christmas, because I didn’t want to disturb anyone’s holiday. I do hope everyone had a Merry, Happy, or Joyful Christmas.

If you dare to consider the XYZ Year ahead, read on. Send comments to me at theportableschool at gmail dot com, if you like - good, bad or indifferent.

In a similar vein, you may wish to peruse the new front page of I recently posted a long list of links to 75 articles I collected from the Internet over the past few years which show our present brand of Doctor Medicine in its Good, Bad, and Unknown angles.


I predict that 2014 will be an XYZ Year with all that comes along with those ultimate letters of our western alphabet. Those letters seem to portend major challenges. They also may indicate substantial opportunities.

Let me proceed -

• X seems to fit as a symbol for the Grand Cross under which the whole world entered 2014. See the horoscope for the new year at 2014 Horoscope. The Grand Cross basically involves Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and will persist from December 7 (a fateful day to begin) until the middle of July. The Grand Cross at first breath of the New Year included the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus conjunct Pluto to add more oomph to the astrological entity.

What does it mean, you surely ask? I won’t dare specifics. Some of my astrologer friends might venture a guess. I will merely say that as this Grand Cross involving outer planets, potent Mars and Jupiter, and all the rest of the luminaries except Neptune and Saturn is sure to have major global effects.

The Grand Cross in the context of other factors, like Y and Z and the year 2014 itself may well suggest a Grand Crossing which has long loomed ahead for humanity and planet Earth.

• Y stands for Y2K. You may think that the turning of the Millennium is far past. I think hardly so. The Y2K (computer dilemma) we remember never happened. Well, it never happened in the tech world. But, I do believe it occurred initially in the outer world through the great attack on the Twin Towers in New York of 9-11-01. The effects of that moment have spread far and wide. You count the ways. The world is changed in many ways and not just because of the two wars which followed and persist in different ways in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The first quarter of each century is said to unleash the potencies of the First Ray on the world. (Read further under 2014.) If that is so, what effects are yet to appear as the new Millennium energies extend and expand upon our benighted planet? Don’t forget that the Piscean Age is now passing slowly away as Aquarius takes hold.

• Z is easier to deal with some ways because of the concrete examples associated with it.

Z refers to Zombie. I have been unable to ignore the Zombie phenomena which seem to spread each year. We may expect them to continue, lest we grow beyond them. Let me draw you into the question.

What do you think it means that Zombies are more and more popular? Zombie movies, greeting cards, zombie wars, zombie events and even Zombie Christmas. Yes, Zombie Christmas. Look it up.

Zombies rate up there now with vampires. Both terms google out with many more citations and links than Superman and Jesus Christ. Go figure.

Figure how Zombies have become so popular in the movies. White Zombie was released in 1932 and is often cited to be the first zombie film. But, the 1910 film Frankenstein features a reanimated corpse. We know Frankenstein goes way back. He was quite the Zombie, though we may not think of Frank that way. (Actually, Frankenstein was the Doctor, and the Monster was a Zombie - more or less.)

There have been 344 movies made about Zombies in 100 years. Get this! 209 of them - well over half - have been produced since the year 2000. Some curious titles of Zombie movies follow. How popular they were, I cannot say.

I Was a Zombie for the FBI 1982
Dead Men Walking 2005
The Quick and the Undead 2006
Silent Night, Zombie Night 2009
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 2009
War of the Zombies 2006

But, you might know something is really popular when President Lincoln gets into the picture as in Abraham Lincoln and the Zombies (2012).

We now have World War Z. World War Z is a 2013 British-American apocalyptic film starring Brad Pitt as a former United Nations investigator who travels the world trying to stop a zombie-like pandemic.

Maybe Zombies are pandemic already. Zombie events and walks seem to be proliferating. The idea - if not the events themselves - scare me. What can all these Zombies symbolize?

Wikipedia says a zombie walk is an organized public gathering of people who dress up in zombie costumes. Participants usually meet in an urban center and make their way around the city streets and public spaces (or a series of taverns in the case of a zombie pub crawl) in an orderly fashion. Zombie walks can be organized simply for entertainment or with a purpose, such as setting a world record or promoting a charitable cause. Originating in North America, zombie walks have occurred throughout the world.

Basically, zombies are the undead. And, it would seem in some way or another that they are more and more among us now, or will be in the future. If you want to read an excellent book on the subject, pick up Wade Davis’s The Serpent and The Rainbow.

2014 may be a Crossing Year, and Y2K Year, and a Zombie Year. Astrologer, Leslie Marlar,, seemed to put some of my ideas into print before I did - just a few days ago when she wrote, “Does this grand cross [X - referred to above] mean that there is going to be a zombie apocalypse?”

2014 is pivotal to the XYZ year. I will just say that we are now closing in on the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. From an exoteric standpoint, WWI manifested because of quarrels in Europe. It took millions of lives and its effects persisted to produce World War II. Some writers suggest that there was but one 20th century World War which could have been called The Thirty Years’ War. The World War merely had lulls in action and remissions from death dealing.

Esoteric teaching relates that the first quarter of each century sees the unleashing of the First Ray of Will, Power and Purpose. The potent energy tends to have destructive outcomes in part because humanity has not grown up yet.

Maybe we can learn to turn some of that power in positive directions.
In any case, we should be vigilant as the XYZ Year 2014 unfolds.


Leonard refers to mass mind as Zombie consciousness..
for me I prefer Zebra for my Z word.
I spend a lot more time looking at and thinking about Zebra's and Zeros than I do Zombies,
so my Z words are Zero and Zebra..

Our weather went sub Zero this past week and it is very fortunate for me that I was in VA to notice some pipes beginning to freeze so I could get them and keep them warmed up rather quickly.. it really is quite lovely outside..  not so terribly cold today and the wind's died down a bit.. looking forward to a lovely fire tonight.. I will be roasting a chicken and baking a very interesting and easy bread.  I'll post the recipe...

Choose wisely how you direct your thoughts and 'word' bud...

May your new year be a very good one...
my wish for blessings and good fortune stands for the entirety... from Apple -
Zingiber ~!~

Hi Medicine Man, You have been busy! 
Sort of a not very positive outlook for 2014, specially the first part of the year.
Don’t really know. Haven’t ponder much on the New Year. I am very aware though of the Centennial of the First World War. Hope humanity learns its lessons with the commemorations. (Yes I know, there is Nic the optimistic...). I do believe that many are much more aware of climate change, our food sources, and the fluke that the economic and political  systems (more and more one and the same) really are. This, gives me some hope.

We never really know how a New Year will turn out, but we need to be aware that a lot of the outcome has to do with how the collective handles the available energies and opportunities. So, there is lots of work to be done! Maybe we’ll reach, as in Z the last letter of the alphabet, the true Omega point, (Omega as the last letter on the Greek alphabet). Who know, maybe miracles do happen in Zombie-land when so many X’s are present.
At the end, it will be the ebb and flow of things and the larger picture will be the one that can make sense.

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