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Spiritual Diagnosis and Intuitive Development

Spiritual Diagnosis is an intuitive tool devised by The Portable School.
The author had been using symbols for personal development
and in workshops to evoke and stimulate participants for years.
When he determined to create a tool which could be used by almost anyone
 to take a graphic look at the inner and outer forces active in that person's life.

A circular chart was constructed to depict the worlds in which we live.
A cross of image centers represents our inner nature:

Energy - state of vitality, general get-up-and-go 
Feelings - emotions, passions and behavior
Mind - thoughts and mental life
Persona - overall picture of our three selves
Soul - deepest spiritual Self

Surrounding these aspects are stations for symbols
relating to the flow activity in outer life:

 Dis-ease - present problem or point of tension
Lesson - challenge arising from the former
Way - means to resolution
Healing - eventual outcome

The beauty of Spiritual Diagnosis - SPDX -
is that it is usable and valuable for a wide age group,
in the hands of therapist and layperson alike.
A professional reader is not required.
On the other hand, an SPDX session can be done by/for a couple or even a group.

The cards contain images that are readily recognizable.
The layout created in the chart tells a story reflective of the forces
presently molding a person's life - inside and out.
The SPDX process stirs insights.
It can be enlightening and emotionally nurturing and cleansing as well.
And, it is fun and enjoyable at the same time.

SPDX offers us the opportunity to look at ourselves as dreams do,
but in the light of day with symbols which become our friends and helpers.

SPDX stirs the intuition and otherwise hidden aspects of our being.

Special thanks are due Ginger (Peace) Arnold
for her helping bring Spiritual Diagnosis to a wider audience
and for cheerleading the idea for many years.
Thanks, Ging.
Ginger can be reached at rebirthingnyc @ gmail.com
and http://rebirthingnyc.com.

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Click on the image above to do
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400 symbols
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