Sample Chart

This man is semi-retired. He apparently works because he either didn't save for retirement or misspent the money which may have been intended for same. He has been a student of several traditions and gurus. He also has a history of substance abuse. He had a recent vehicular accident which damaged his memory but prompted him to seek counseling and to return to the path of seeking.

Circles of Self: WINGED LIGHTNING points down which may indicate waning bodily energy. The FROG is suggestive of the client's contemplative interests. At the same time, JANUS is of two minds being indecisive or confused. MEPHISTOPHELES reminded the client of his devilish ways. The MENORAH and TREE OF LIFE brought memories of his earlier religious studies.

Corners of Earth: CUPID seemed to suggest conflicts with his erotic nature. The lesson comes through the HEART. The DUMBBELL suggested to the client the effort needed to complete the book he is writing. Another interpretation was to build himself up -- heart and soul -- for his graduation to the next world symbolized by the CAP AND DIPLOMA.

Correlation: As in most layouts, conflicts, contradictions and paradoxes appear. This man has a loving nature but it has been twisted in devilish ways. He is of two minds. One directed erotically and the other contemplatively. CUPID and MEPHISTOPHELES are clearly in opposition. Two symbols in the Soul spot may hint of this "split." Also, the two arrows in the layout point in opposite directions.

Look for patterns, connections and relationships when you do your SPDX, not just the individual symbols. Together the WHOLE mandala is a living picture worthy of your own contemplation.

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