Harlee Watson and Nicolas Ortiz Cue

Rah, Rah, Rah! - for Harlee Watson and Nicolas Ortiz CueŽ

Good People Doing Great Things - on the Other side of the Atlantic

Harlee is an Englishwoman and Nicolas a Basqueman. They live in Southwest Scotland. I met them long distance doing Triangles Meditation work. http://www.lucistrust.org/en/service_activities/triangles

I think that Harlee and Nicolas are doing some Fab Work. Here are some of their recent projects:

Harlee Watson is a fabric artist and does some wildly colorful work with her crochet hook. You can see more of that work at  http://www.crochetcrook.co.uk/

Crochet Crook apparel by Harlee Watson

Recently, Harlee and Nick set up an online group whose aim is “to provide an open space to promote local talent and showcase artists, arts and crafts." The Creative Collaborators have now opened a Gallery and Gift Shop in the High Street, Moniaive.

You can learn about them at http://creativecollaborators.co.uk/index.html

Creative Collaborators Logo

Nicolas is one of the collaborators. His first effort in that area has been with writing and blogging as the Magic Dragon Man. Find his authorial work at

Magic Dragon

Quite recently, Nick began another collaboration with a Scotsman to create Wishboats. Their “aim is to provide a vessel for different events: funerals, memorials, parties, stag nights, weddings, festivals, a newborn.”

The Wishboat “should be viewed as a symbol where your wishes, hopes, emotions, ideas or intentions are contained and sent off to meet what destiny and fate has in store for them.” Visit them at  http://www.wishboats.co.uk/


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