People in the News
extracted from
Everybody’s Business:
Commerce & Community in Central Montana

The best news is people expressing themselves
and making a positive difference in their communities
- in this case, Harlowton, Montana.
That you will find in the articles listed below.

Originally Printed
in Times-Clarion

April 2005

Jerry Miller Remembers

Ian Reed:
Coffee Time

Scot Mitchell:
Hospital Business

June 2005

Dave Wallace:

Tom Horan:
Community Business

August 2005

Dean Thompson:
Bee Business

Wes Schenk:
In the Saddle

September 2005

Earl Osse & Jerry Gantz:
The Woodpecker Men

October 2005

Beth Keating:
Midtown Market

January 2006

Diana Day:
Quilts 'N' Things

February 2006

Richard Moe:
Business and Government

Everybody's Business Issues

First Issue -
July 2006

Dave Sorensen:
Engineer's Depot: Rebirth of a Business

Women's Business Issue:
September 2006

Irene Schuchard:
“Old Business”

Wendy Brouillette:
Business of Healing

Miriam Simpson - Why Not?

Talented Terry Freeser

On the Road Issue:
November 2006

Leon Hammond:
Army Business

Larry Steuben:
A Matchless Ride

Loren and Dale Haarr:
Two Dot Ventures

Mel and Arla Holman

“If You Build It” Issue:
March 2007

Jeff Sell:
Buy Sell Build

Dean Sorensen:
Build It Here, Build It There

Home on the Range Issue:
April 2007

Arville Lammers:
The Next Stage

Ron and Esther Fischer:
Chasing Cows and Pounding Nails

Norman Schuchard:
Horsing Around

Terry Klepey:
The Lone Ranger

Tales from Retail Issue:
May 2007

Gwen Tomlinson:
One More Sale

Paul and Debbie Painter:
Still Helpful After All These Years

Dale and Barbara Schmeling:
Passions and Favorites

The Creative Spirit Issue:
June 2007

Alicia Moe:
A Creative Thread

Joyce Spencer:
Stitchin' Dreams

Rose Wise:
Dancing with the Wind

Ag Business Issue:
September 2007

Gary Olsen:
Ag Student, Ag Teacher

Katie Rein:
Vet Medicine in the Crazy Mtns

Wheatland Healthcare Issue: October 2007

Adrie Min:
Lightly Does It

Kiran Tyabah:
Building Community

Dwight Thompson:
Small Town Medicine

Volunteer Business Issue: November 2007

Jean Wallace:
A New Way to Look at the World

Leslie Dodge:
The Fire Within

Dane Elwood:
SLOWRISE Baking and Living

Tis the Season Issue:
December 2007

Frank Hutton:
Always on Duty

Julie Wojtowick:
Making the Circle

Zachary Jones:
Paths, Paradigms and Traditions

Government Business:
February 2008

Rosemarie Steele:
Wheatland County Treasure

Geri Hensel:
Changes in the City

Doug Dodge:
A Balancing Act

Motor Men: March 2008

Tim Dimmick:
Mechanics and Heros

Larry Steuben:
Cycles and Riders

Russ Huck:
Work and Play

Tim Wojtowick:
Automobiles and Antiques

Wellness Issue: April 2008

Wellness is Huge

Shannon Jones:
Getting into the Flow

Ty Franks:
Art and Fitness

Financial Wellness
by Renee Miller

Old Ways & New: May 2008

The World of Dowsing
by Adrie Min

Phil Von Wilsman:
A Sound Idea

On the Road Again: July 2008

Mike and Dang Elwood:
Of Books, Rocks & Faraway Places

Hiroki Yamato:
The Road Through Harlowton

Jason DeShaw:
Better 'n Cash

Women's Issue: August 2008

Sue Mielke:
Behind the Scene

Unique Creations:
Karen Hudson

Design and Color:
Karen Bornong

April 2009 Issue

John Barrett:
Sky Pilot

House & Horns
by Norman Schuchard

Guns and A Rose:
Terri Roseland

July 2009 Issue

Duane Kolman:
Old Times and Old Timers

Bear Facts
by Norman Schuchard

Sword & Anchor Along the Way:
Bryce Dick

November 2009 Issue

Everett Misner:
Jailhouse Pizza & Smalltown Service

Michelle Muggenburg:

Bud &Mary Pearl Lode:
Sheep Music:
The Lode Ranch & Orchestra