Old and New

"We do not solve our problems,
we outgrow them."
Carl Jung

Modern medicine is at its best in the emergency room or trauma center repairing broken bones and patching gunshot wounds. Under such conditions, resilient, young bodies can in some ways be "put back together again."

However, the process only works in "some ways" and for "some times." Too often, emergency rooms have regular "visitors" who require recurrent repairs. For them, major repairs need to be done not on their bodies, but on their inner parts which cause bodily neglect and lead to breakdowns and mishaps.

I recall several times in my medical past when "well-known" patients arrived at the hospital ward or clinic waiting to be admitted. A common refrain from doctor, nurse, or technician was, "Why Mr. So-and-so, it's you again. Oh, don't worry. We'll get you back to your old self in no time."

Sadly, this was often the case: The medical workers did some bandaid work and got Mr. So-and-so "back to his old self."

Unfortunately, the real problem was Mr. So-and-so's old self. And, when you and I get sick, it is likely that the real problem is your old self and my old self.

More often than we care to think, it is the old self, our outworn ways, our obsolete ideas, our tattered emotions, and our plain old bad habits which get us in trouble. They eventually and recurrently cause us pain and conflict, dis-ease and distress.

And, it is New Self which we need to look and work toward to bring about true health and well-being. It is the clear mind, the heart of flesh, and the pure soul which assures productive and fruitful lives.

The doctor and the nurse of the future will work to bring forth the New Self and the promise of health with It. While we wait for them, we can be even now be laying the groundwork for the New Arrival.

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