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"Our remedies oft in ourselves do dwell."

Though we may admit the truth of the Bard's statement, our human limitations and frailties often cause us to reach out for help from physical preparations and treatments.

After all, if we could merely think ourselves healthy or stand hale and hearty in the midst of all stresses and traumas, we would have passed on to greater rewards with the rest of the saints by now.

Treatments and remedies as well as physicians and nurses will come to the aid of all of us at one time or another. The question of treatment does not call really for a "Yes" or "No," but for "When" and "How much."

Yet, we live in an era when there are treatments for every thing under the sun even though many of them are not very effective. others are more dangerous than the ailments they claim to treat, and still others are more expensive than sane people would imagine paying - except that they have the trump card of insurance.

Fortunately, there are many obvious "natural" remedies which we can all use at relatively minor expense and likewise minor effort along with trying to maintain positive attitude and spiritual orientation. Like -

1) Air - Man does not live be bread alone. Air and oxygen as well as the energies of life itself course through space. The fresher the air the better. All the more reason to live in rural Montana.
2) Sun - Vitamin production and body metabolism are stimulated by the sun. The sun is both a symbol and a manufactory of vitality itself. Moderate intake is health promoting and enlivening.
3) Water - Lots of water inside and outside the body is a useful remedy for many, many ailments. Water is cleansing and nurturing. It is the major solvent for the tissues and for the blood itself which feeds us and carries away wastes. Clean, pure water is essential for human health.
4) Food - Hippocrates said, "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food." It has taken a long time, but modern science is finally proving the Father of Medicine right. Fresh, living, wholesome food can do right by all of us. Shun junk food. Avoid overcooked, dead food. Remember, "You are what you eat."
5) Activity - Motion is synonymous with life. Use the body actively and you will keep it long and healthy. Let it sit idle and rust will begin to corrode bodies just like machinery. Get up and move those bones and muscles.

Remember, whatever promotes health and normal bodily balance also turns away disease.

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