Glyph for Lilith

Watch out for the Black Moon, Lilith

June 2016

Have you noticed that things seem a little crazy in the USA these days?
The shootings of recent years seem to have tailed off for the moment,
maybe because politics has gotten the spotlight.
And people can vent either through candidates or at them.

We have been seeing more than a bit of the unusual in the interminable electioneering.

But, it is not just a billionaire TV man running for President,
nor a woman and a Jew running for the White House,
nor the Republican field once having ten candidates debating in one forum.

I think that the situation is more complicated than it might seem. It usually is.

So, I have been paying attention to the horoscope of the USA as the election years unfolds.
Considering the pictures which show up, I can’t but think that we haven’t seen anything yet.

Because Lilith - Black Moon - comes up prominently in USA charts in the passing times.
You say, “Never heard of the Black Moon. Blue Moon, I suppose.
It turns Red sometimes. But, nay, Black Moon.”

Well, you are right as far as you go. The Black Moon does not exist as a luminary in the sky.
It is a calculated point ...  “
the empty focus ” of the moon’s elliptical orbit around the Earth.
It thus relates to non-physical dimensions.

The Black Moon was named after Adam’s first wife Lilith. 
Yes, he had a wife before Eve, according to Hebraic tradition.
She apparently wasn't the domestic type and left Adam to become the Queen of the Night.
Astrological Lilith - the Black Moon suggests the night side, shadows, darkness,
things generally hidden from awareness.
The Black Moon describes “the place of dreams, the garden of desires,
the impossible dream, the primal mate, the twin-soul,
the pot at the end of the rainbow … but this place is very dangerous …
it can devour you like a whirlpool!”

It contains all the more instinctual energies
which manifest themselves in fairy tales and in primitive lunar symbolism
[but are not consciously allowed in our outer, modern, digital, techy times]:
the night, the mystery, the magic, the danger, the secret, the fear, that which is forbidden...

“The Black Moon belongs to the world of the dark and the womb,
in both its terrible and its more positive transformational magic aspects.

 [Juan Antonio Revilla]
Now, most of us can relate to unusual things occurring when the Full Moon passes by.
When the Black Moon has its days, watch out.

The Black Moon gives a symbolic sense of what things might be
leaking in from the other side - or another side - the dark side …
the astral and imaginative worlds.
When it hits its stride and is doing its thing, we can expect otherworldly,
oddball, and mysterious sorts of activity - not necessarily dangerous, but possibly so.

I liken the effects of that Black Moon to an adventure in the Twilight Zone.
Interestingly, Rod Serling (creator of the Twilight Zone for TV, way back when)
had the Black Moon alone in his First House.
[The First House alone can define a chart especially when it is populated by only one luminary.]
Still, one figure does not make a chart. It just gives hints, sometimes very strong ones.

Well, there are hints that the USA is going to be dealing with the Black Moon and
quite possibly the Twilight Zone this year. We have likely seen some previews already.
[The Black Moon was prominent in key charts related to the 911 experience in the USA.]

New Year's 2016 Chart for DC

The New Year Chart for Washington DC is more or less the same for most locations around the world. 
But, the USA gets extra doses of challenges especially in the guise of Lilith as the year progresses.
What we see is what we will get. A brief look at the chart will finish with the Black Moon:

• The nadir - foundation - of the chart has Pluto conjunct with the Sun.
Power - conscious and unconscious - is of large significance in the year of 2016 for the whole planet.
 Interestingly, the USA is already in the orb of its Pluto Return in 2022 [from natal position of 1776].
American power structures are already being challenged. What lies ahead in the coming months and years?

• The twelfth house is busy with Moon, Dragon’s Head and Jupiter conjunct.
This suggests that some of the struggles of America may be fought out or dealt with behind closed doors,
in institutions, or through the actions of hidden enemies.

I like to use the Sabian Symbol of the Dragon’s Head (North Node of the Moon) on important charts.
 The one by Wheeler for the New Year everywhere at 24 degrees  of Virgo is “A flag at half-mast in front of a public building.”
We have seen plenty of that image in recent years. It seems to be spreading.

• We find Lilith loosely conjunct the Ascendant in the first house. Mars is also found in the same house.
So, we can expect the martial, puissant spirit to be especially active this year along with the otherworldliness of the Black Moon.
The triple conjunction of Moon, North Node and expansive Jupiter in the 12th house may be saying the same thing.
Watch out!

USA Solar Return - 2016

The USA Solar Return for 2016 looks fairly similar, although the Ascendant has shifted to Scorpio.

• Jupiter is still running with the North Node of the Moon, although now in the 11th house.
The Sabian Symbol for 14 Virgo by Wheeler reads:  
A fine lace handkerchief, heirloom from valorous ancestors.
By Charubel:  A fine horse, with curved neck and flowing mane, prancing in the pride of his strength.
How does that imagery strike you?

• The key focus for the chart is the first house and Ascendant again.
 The Black Moon is 10 MINUTES away from the USA Ascendant for the Solar Return,
and three degrees from the Ascendant on the USA Natal chart.
There is Mars sitting in the first house and in his natural sign of Scorpio.
We might note as well that the Arabic Part of Fortune is fairly close to the Black Moon and Ascendant.
We can’t help but wonder if this part here symbolizes Fortune or Miss Fortune or Misfortune. Ha!

Continuing on.

Election Day Chart

Election day in Washington DC starts with

• Sun and Mercury surrounding the Black Moon in the 12th House in Scorpio.

• Saturn sitting in the 1st House.

• Chiron - the wounder and the healer is conjunct the Nadir, foundation of the chart.

 • Elsie Wheeler's Sabian Symbol for the North Node of the Moon at 10 degrees Virgo at the Midheaven reads:
In her baby a mother sees her deep longing for a son answered.
Charubel symbol:  The mundane cross.

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